Thursday, January 5, 2006

operation odoo

operation opening doors on orchard.

sometimes, a covert op is needed. as is the case with operation odoo. we have a friend. a good friend named chris. one of the fabulous foursome. she does not enjoy photos. she does not enjoy foo-foo girly things like sparkly tops and ice pearls (though we are slowly converting her). but most importantly, she does not invite you in when you stop by. and that is just plain mean.

so operation odoo was put into motion. agents k and s (pictured above) got to work. they smushed their faces against the window in the office of agent s, and cheesed for the camera. they laser printed these fine photos and have affixed them to nearly every window at chris's home on orchard street. that way, when you're standing inside the house, looking out, all she will see are their faces plastered against the glass, wanting to come inside. there is also a good chance that nearly every potted plant on her property now bears one of these really cool custom signs that warn her visitors of their potential treatment.

heh heh heh. almost makes you want to wait across orchard street for her to get home tonight.

just goes to show you...let us in when we come over or be prepared to be assaulted with visions of our faces everywhere you turn!! :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am speechless...

You are both masters...

mentally ill, but masters none the less...

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