Thursday, January 19, 2006

The March For Life

What happens when you put my mom, Stella, Dan, and me together? Some pretty random things. :) Like Mom discovering a pawn shop for the first time.

But you'll also probably find us at something pretty cool.

We were four of a few thousand people who marched to the steps of the State Capitol yesterday, to stand in solidarity with others who are pro-life. One of our Catholic bishops in Seattle gave the invocation, and the steps were filled with Knights of Columbus, Catholic peeps from parishes from all over Washington state, and a few others [like the LDS legislators, who are "standing with the Catholics" on this one :) ].

From the local paper... The Olympian's story

As an adopted child, I treasure the annual visit to Olympia with my mom, who not only talked the talk, but walked the walk, when she adopted both Michael and me. It's a common argument to hear that "pro-lifers should start taking care of some of these "unwanted" babies, instead of picketing", and my parents did just that. Twice.

It's interesting to note that when Mikey was adopted in 1979, there were so many parents waiting to adopt that it took nearly two years for Mom and Dad receive a child.

It rained the entire time, but was nothing compared to the falling snow of last year's March For Life in DC.

On the last Saturday of this month, some of the gals in the EM and I are heading up to Westlake Center, for the Silent No More Awareness event. Something to experience, nearly impossible to describe in words. Extremely powerful.

In the meantime, glad MoBella and Dan could make it with us...and Stella's punishment for missing the Girls Retreat this weekend is that there was a raindrop in front of the lens during this photo, and she's blurred out. :)

And with that, I head to bed. A few hours of work tomorrow, and then down to Anderson Lodge for the Girls Retreat all weekend.

Keep us in your prayers! :)


PT Community said...

I just put together a blog with audio of the 2006 march for life in Olympia.

Like your site!

Anonymous said...

thought you site is great.

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