Monday, January 16, 2006

i love three day weekends

love them. love them. ...especially when they're packed full!

The end of the week was stacked - I taught a class at PLU, finished all the prep work for the weekend ahead, and finished some insurance CEs that were driving me nuts.

But it was so worth it. I left for Canada on Friday afternoon, dropped off Viper with Mikey, and crossed the border into Canada. Through the rain, backups from accidents, and traffic, it took my five and a half hours (normally 3) to get to the hotel in Vancouver. Sidenote...the homeland security peeps for Canada should be on guard, I didn't even show my ID when entering the country, let alone tell them my name!

There is nothing like arriving several hours late to an event, where you're in a Mrs. Claus costume, the table you're to be seated at is front and center in a room packed with a few hundred peeps, and the speaker is right next to your chair. Toss in the beehive wig, granny glasses and mop hat, and you have me...Friday night, at the Canadian Cancer Society Relay Rally. Inconspicuous was not a word that fit the scene.

I finally met all the gals who made up the Rudolph team. You never know who you will meet...and this weekend, I met the Canadian equivalent of the Fabulous Foursome! As you know, our fab four here in the US stemmed from our involvement in Relay...Dani (corporate sponsorship chair, now event chair), Kris (logistics queen, now in retirement), Chris (logistics support) and me (event chair, now retired)...and Dani was our international connection, with her thick British accent.

These gals stem from West Kootenay in Canada. Liz (the staff partner), Helen (her boss, and my identical smile twin - if you've seen the identical hand twin episode, you'll get the joke), Eleanor (the event chair) and Suzanne, their team development chair, welcomed me into their team. For their international connection? A New Zealand "kiwi" and a French-Canadian.

The invitation was extended to Relay with them on their Relay weekend in Trail, and they'd join us in Tacoma for ours. All I can say is...I don't know that the world's ready for the two Fab Fours to come together, but I'd love to be there when they do! :)

the scene from my suiteThe Rally was well put together, the time was back-to-back-to-back thanks to Karina, and the response was wonderful.

Headed back across the border late Saturday, and packed for our Girls Retreat overnighter on Sunday night at St. Andrew's. We stayed up until the wee dark 4 a.m. hours working on prep for the retreat, and it seems like everything is coming together in a great way. We have a fantastic team of adults (from the Estrogen Militia) and teens (from St. Andrew's) so I'm really excited to leave for retreat next Friday.

Almost makes me want a weekend to recover from my weekend. Not sure Dad would go for that though.

I suppose I'll just begin my countdown to the next 3 day weekend...five weeks to go!

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