Sunday, December 11, 2005

yummy christmas treats

99.44% done with Christmas presents!

This weekend gave me some time to finish a few of the more 'crafty' presents...and time to make some sweet dinners as part of our team care package for a super fabulous gal at work. I think I found the main dish for next Saturday's big dinner at my home - a yummy pork chop & apple cinnamon bake.

Inspired by an Ellensburg angel who has made these in the past, I tried my hand at poochie treats - and if Andy's response says anything, the pooches in our lives will love them. Viper had fun eating all the scraps. She was in heaven.

Today is packed - from the girls retreat planning, to picking up and delivering care packages, Mikey coming home for a few days, Mass tonight at St. Andrew's, and getting the Christmas tree...I better get myself out of the playroom and up and going!

The official Holiday vs. Christmas count as of the postman's delivery yesterday afternoon... 10 Holiday cards vs 9 Christmas cards...

Two weeks until Christmas!

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