Wednesday, December 21, 2005

just to share...

A few joys to share...
  • My doorbell rang last night, and my front step was filled with carolers bearing gifts for me! It was kind of like the original Christmas, when the wise men brought baby Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh, except I'm not Jesus, Tacoma isn't Bethlehem and I got cookies and a great little frame above instead of incense. So I suppose it's kind of like the original Christmas, but not really. Nonetheless, I am blessed with super fabulous neighbors who can sing way better than I can!
  • This morning brought the coolest little "drive Viper crazy" gift, in the form of an Snowball named Ice Mel U. (Those who know me well will understand the significance behind the name of the Snowball) It sings Christmas carols, vibrates across the floor, and says "God bless us every one". It is THE funniest thing to watch with Viper, and she's already pushing it under things so I can't start it again. I'm pretty sure Viper has banned Kris and Kaitlyn from the house for this gift.
  • A very sweet little video clip about a little girl and cancer. Since it's in Portuguese, I can't find a web link for it, but I'll forward it to you via e-mail if you ask me. :)
  • Carolers in my building every day this week
  • Looking forward to a night at Anthony's following a little water aerobic action tonight...can't beat their calamari, especially with good company!
  • This is my 250th post on Viper's World! And since I started tracking in July, there's been over 11,400 visits to my pages! Happy day!

And the official card count...

42 holiday cards
39 Christmas cards

Four days until Christmas!

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