Friday, December 23, 2005

just-before-christmas happies

Celebrated Christmas with the Estrogen Militia last to come. I seem to be one of the only ones who is actually working today, so it will take a little longer to get them up! :)

A very cool video to watch, completely unrelated to the holidays, but fun nonetheless. Let it load before you watch it...and know that there were no special effects used in making it. Just 250,000 super balls. And the streets of San Francisco.

A beautiful piece on the meaning of Christmas. I read Amy's blog every morning, and this published piece is worth a Christmas read.

And finally, a great e-mail from my uncle this morning. This is the fifth Christmas since my grandma passed away. I miss her. :)

Christmas Cheers Loved Ones,

Would you believe dad/grandpa has a plant in his living room from Mother's funeral? He claims he has never watered it!! Choose one of the following.

A. Either Miracles still happen.
B. Mother is still present in that home (and taking care of the plant).
C. Or Linda is watering the darn thing.

Which do you choose to BELIEVE? Or how else do explain this phenomena?

Whatever you choose, this is indeed the season of miracles. If God can send his only son to earth to save us from ourselves, anything is possible.

Merry Christmas, (especially to all of you on the West coast) & have Blessed New Year,

Bill, Darlene, Zach & Ben

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