Tuesday, December 13, 2005

happy happy joy joy

Lots of happy joys today!
Just to share a few with you...

  1. The Wolf 100.7 is up and running! I am finally going to be able to move past the loss of my favorite country station, 99.3 KAYO. Ever since it morphed into the Spanish channel run by Bustos Media, I have relied on CMT and iPy the iPod to give me my country fix. KMPS just doesn't cut it. In the midst of 10,000 songs in a row (commercial free, and to quote Kris, "That's a lot" of songs) can listen here, or download The Wolf's Howl.
  2. Christmas tunes! To get yourself into the Christmas spirit, a bunch of us are streaming Spirit 105.3's Christmas tunes...through the end of the year!
  3. Two three day weekends in a row! We have the 26th off and the 2nd off! I thought the market was open on Monday, 1/2 - and it's not!! (I must have been reading the ML holiday calendar for Argentina!)
  4. Simbang Gabi starts tomorrow! In Tagalog, simbang means "church", gabi means "night", and when you put them together, there's always good Filipino food afterwards! (Can you tell that's Michael G's definition?) The full deets are that Simbang Gabi is a novena of nine Masses to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary as she prayerfully and joyfully anticipates the birth of Christ....with yummy Filipino food afterwards! Anyway, it's a really sweet way to prepare for Christmas in a way that doesn't involve Sephora, Nordstrom, or the War on Christmas... So every night between now and Christmas weekend, there is a special Simbang Gabi Mass at a parish in Pierce County. And for me, who hasn't found a daily Mass that begins at 5:45 a.m., I am excited!! A few cool links:
    Simbang Gabi in the Archdiocese
    The history of Simbang Gabi (for us white peeps)
  5. We have almost sold out of our Relay For Life Christmas ornaments! It was a trial run to see how they'd do, and people love them! :) You'll have to check out our Relay team site - for now, it's on the Relay page...but soon, we will have a Team Merrill blog up and running. And with the ornaments, we're at $2500ish! Only $47,500 to go...

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