Friday, December 2, 2005

christmas in bellevue

When Vickie and I cancelled the road trip to Portland today because of the weather, we never dreamed we'd end up with shrimp and champagne at Nordstrom by the end of the night. That is the end to my ideal day of shopping.

Finishing the day with a dozen bags and all kinds of sweet Christmas goodies for my peeps, we had the best time. Not only did we find the 2005 sold-out greatest winter cosmetic at the VIP sale at Nordie's, but I had two lip glosses custom made - from scratch. I was in can see her squirting and mixing all the cool colors and lustres together with vanilla and bellini.

You should probably say a little prayer for Kris, since I also picked her up one of the sold-out greatest winter cosmetics, and I got home to find she hacked into Viper's World. Maybe I'll just keep hers. Or sell it on eBay.

One of the greatest things was spending so much time with Vic, catching up and laughing at people. Can you believe some guy in his car tried to pass us in Vic's Xterra in the Bellevue Square parking garage? He was dumb.

I am sleepy. And I want to play with Viper, and go to bed. But only after I finish my chicken madeira. And photoshop something extra special just for Babbitt's Blog.

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Anonymous said...

Look at those two Hot Shoppin' Divas! Makes me almost want brave the malls.

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