Monday, November 21, 2005

monday happies

Of all the things I'm grateful for, these are my top five for today...
  1. Vickie and Stella - who are always there to listen, laugh, and think up really cool uber-secret missions with me. We're the new Charlie's Angels, complete with our own Lucy Liu! :)
  2. Canny the Canonlens - I absolutely love this lens. It has been so much fun. And people do just what you ask them in photos, because they love Canny too.
  3. Marie - who is unbelievably loving and sensitive to inspire me with how you empathize with those around you. I am in awe of your caring heart.
  4. My little cousin, Brandon - You are the greatest seven year old. Thanks for being such a great first grader and being so loving. I can't wait for our super secret Christmas presents for everyone!
  5. The guy who makes my berrie berrie smoothie w/peanut butter - Always exactly like I like it. And you always remember all the little details. I love that.

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