Sunday, November 27, 2005

the little things

A night in Seattle...with the wee munchkins of the G' family, and a good deal of firsts. My firsts included tofu, jambalaya, peanut butter hershey kisses and pecan pie...but not all at the same time.

It was fun to break in the new Rebel with the kids and the low lighting, some of my favorites are of Aidan. He was forever hiding from the camera (see "the hand" clearly in focus) and a few of his best ones were when he was laughing at the lens and still trying to give me the hand.

It was so good to see Mama G...she begins the next round of chemotherapy on Dec. 6th. If you have a chance, click the link above to get to her guestbook, and leave her a happy message.

And to the G's...I feel so blessed by your friendship. Thanks for letting me be part of your family. I am honored. ♥

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