Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A little Hawaiian for you...

He lawai'a no ke kai papa'u, he pokole ke aho;
he lawai'a no ke kai hohonu he loa ke aho.

Translation for the mainlanders:
A fisherman of shallow seas uses only a short line;
a fisherman of the deep sea uses a long line.

You will reach only as far as you aim and prepare yourself to reach.

The homily at Mass this morning (or rather, the three minute reflection :) ) was about choices. Choices in how you live your life, what you say and what you do, how all the little decisions add together to shape the person that you are. So many people don't realize how all the little choices, day after day, are important. God knows this has played out in my own life, as I have focused on becoming more patient (yes, that still needs work), more forgiving, more loving with those around me.

I think back to the beginning of fall, when I decided not to commit to anything other than St. Andrew's. I realigned my priorities, focusing on the things that were most important to me - as Vickie would say, the spiritual, emotional, and physical parts of my life. For me, it was about making choices that honored those I love, including my creator, and preparing to take time to focus on myself, something I've never done consistently.

And what came of that time?

Some of the best experiences of my life. I opened my heart and life up to those around me...challenged and forced myself to grow, to look for the deeper meaning in things, as opposed to settling for the "shallow joys" that are easy to find. And when things were challenging, God sent me people at just the right time with the wisdom, peace, and love that I needed at that time.

It also took surrendering to my desire to always plan for the future...accepting that people and experiences come into your life for a reason, season, or a lifetime...and finding the joy in the present...
God's gift to us now.

For those of you who have had a big impact on my life this fall...for loving me and challenging me to grow...Vickie, Stella, Kris, Danski, Marie, Amy, Lindsay, Michael G, Mikey, the Estrogen Militia and fab four...I love you. You bless my life and I can't imagine it without you.

{and a postscript to kili, our authentic e.m. hawaiian...forgive me if i jacked up the hawaiian above! :) }


kilipohi said...

It looks good, but the real question is can you say it. Hawaiian is an oral language and written on the paper it doesn't express it as well as if you could say it.

shelley said...

i'll be able to say it when you teach me... :)

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