Friday, November 18, 2005

i love fridays

...especially if it's the only day in the week i go to the office. :)
lots of fun joys today...and god bless both exclamation points and lowercase letters...

  • returning from vacation to find a dozen long stemmed red roses waiting for me in my office...over two and a half feet tall! :) and to the one who sent them - thank you! i couldn't have been more surprised!
  • discovering a bottle of wine named after kris! and it's a vintage she didn't have!
  • seeing the relay for life kickoff invite that i designed in print! 11 days until the 2006 season is up and running!
  • finding my favoritest white spa towels back at linen closet is now full!
  • seeing the kitchen remodel at mom and dad's 95% done - it's beautiful! i'll post before and after pics once it's all done...
  • spending time with peeps i love who are braving the snowy, rocky mountain pass to come over here!
  • unwrapping the coolest package from david, who sent me the sweetest tee (pic to follow) - thank you! you are in my prayers!!
  • unpacking to christmas vacation, the world's best movie to get me excited for the holidays...only 37 days until christmas!
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