Saturday, November 5, 2005

Guess what?

I am NOW on vacation!

The countdown is on to the Archdiocesean Convention this weekend....a thousand screaming teenagers all up at Bellevue Community better way to spend a weekend, huh? Rumor has it I will be dumping my memory card into the master slide show for the event, so don't be surprised if it's filled with photos of the peeps from St. Andrew's! :)

To keep you occupied until we get back Sunday night, here's a few fun reads.
  • If you have been to my parents' house, you'll see the bathroom I designed with the "no peeking" tiles...the little figures who are carved into the tiled wall, that watch you take a shower...the designers of this uber-swanky hotel must think I am freaking brilliant. They copied me.
  • A truly annoying game, which is quite addictive. And I bet my papa and brother would absolutely love it. Consider it Tetris, but with cats.
  • And my favorite...the ultimate revenge. I have done some pretty creative things in revenge scenarios, but this chick brings it to a new level. :) (Hat tip to Kris, who sent this to me at the office today!)
Nothing like sleeping on a gym floor one night, and on a cabana on the beach the next day! Now, if only my bags would pack themselves...

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