Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wisdom from my daily...

...calendar. Can you believe my calendar is entitled My Beautiful Broken Shell?
"Try to see the beauty in your own backyard,
to notice the miracles of every day life."
-Gloria Gaither

Just a few random thoughts tonight, some ponderings on miracles in my every day life...
First...above are five great blessings from last weekend, my super fabulous small group. They were the best. Just reminds me of how blessed I am to be able to serve the teens through Life Teen...and how much I love the peeps at St. Andrew's.
Second...finished setting up the initial website for Mirroring Grace last night (formerly known as the Estrogen Militia, to those in the know)'s turning out pretty sweet. I got to use a shot I took in Maui last year as the blog header! The gals in our group are amazing - we are all so different and nutty, but united in our super fabulous Catholic faith - are bonded in a pretty supernatural way. I am blessed they put up with me.
Third...seems like a grip of people have been undergoing major spiritual warfare lately. In the last week, there have been nearly half a dozen deaths of people who are close to people I care about. There are also friends who are struggling with changes in their families, jobs, and ministries. As a result, I have spent a good deal of time at Holy Cross the past few nights. Each night when I leave, I've found my heart is filled with peace as I realize that each of these situations is right where it should be - in God's hands. He will use the worst of the worst experiences and bring good from it, if we let Him.
Finally, in my randomness of tonight, I just ordered a book by Benedict Groeschel, in which he describes challenges in life...they can either be viewed as stumbling blocks...or they can be viewed as stepping stones on the path to holiness. I think I'd like to find them as stepping stones...especially for the challenges I have right now.
There are all kinds of everyday miracles in our lives...if we keep our eyes open.
I think that's all for now...tomorrow brings quality time with Fr. Young in the confessional :) and a road trip for Viper to meet Marie's new pooch, Bailey. It's probably pretty likely you'll see photos of the two of them soon! Good night!

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