Sunday, October 2, 2005

Why are weekends only two days?

Since the cool (or rather, not so cool) 512 MB memory card that was in my camera on Friday night has eaten my photos, we'll revisit an image from this equally fun night also enjoyed with VSD above.

It's also the first weekend in a LONG LONG time that I don't have any images to post...can you believe it? You'll have to make due with some random quotes from this weekend...see if you can place them.

  • Rachael met the future Mr. John Becker at El Charro...just one more dance? This is our song!
  • Stella told WHO to "get a room"?
  • It's not over here. I'm telling you, Peoples is over on the other side of the road. I promise you, I'm right. What do I get when I'm right? What do I get? ... A scenic tour of Kelso? You're mean.
  • Who is she dancing with? Does she realize there is no one else dancing with her?
  • Is that a dog? A real dog?
  • How do we never end up sitting next to each other? How can we make fun of people from opposite ends of the table?
  • Can I have some milk with my lemon drop?
  • That guy seriously has a sign made of glitter with his name on it. How cool.

And there's no better way to cap off the weekend than with a late Sunday night dinner with Mikey and the finest of cuisine: Dick's fresh from Seattle.

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