Friday, October 28, 2005

Today's Top the top of the morning

My top ten list of things I am thankful for...right now.
  1. The brand new Ulta at Southcenter...Vic, MoBells and I will be in heaven!
  2. Being able to see Kris "Don't Be Nice to Me" Babbitt each and every day at ML.
  3. How Viper is treated like a celebrity [Marie's words, not mine :)] anywhere she goes, since she has her own blog and her own e-mail address.
  4. How much Michael G has blessed my life by everyone he's ever introduced me to (Rachael, Becky, Liz, Amy and Kathleen, the other Michael G [is it okay to sit next to him in our seating chart?], his mama and papa, and through his influence on my life...and that Mama G is doing well in chemotherapy!
  5. Running two uber-secret weblogs - only those in the know can find Delta Charlie and MG...and if you can find Delta Charlie, you will find a new photo with a special haiku...
  6. The fact that next June, there will be another Brian Marlow munchkin in the world...I've decided to that it will be another girl, who can then be named Shelley Marieisthecoolest. That may take some time to get them to come around to the name...but it could happen. I have hope.
  7. My really sweet new camera bag, that even has a pouch for my travel Dooney!
  8. Praying the Rosary tonight with the world's most fabulous girls group... +2
  9. Lindsay Milasich.
  10. My papa giving his blessing to my NASCAR road trip adventure this weekend...just consider it prospecting the MBNA peeps to switch over to Merrill+ !!

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