Saturday, October 22, 2005

Rake-a-pa-looza 2005

Today is project day at the house, started at 6 this morning. Initially, Viper was thrilled that I was home during the day, until she realized that she would be competing for my attention...with the vacuum, the carpet shampooer, bed frames that found themselves in the living room, six loads of wash, reorganizing the laundry area, massive photo and mix CD burning, cleaning out Mikey's blue room, cleaning out the shoe closet, donating tons of stuff, and Viper losing her sleeping spot in the closet in my bedroom.

After about eight hours, it was time for a little sleepy eye. With one of my favorite old school movies on (which ironically, I watched on VHS this morning while cleaning, and was on cable this afternoon!) I fell asleep on my bed.

A few hours later, Viper was going wild. There was someone at the door, and there was something rustling outside. Remembering how, when Mike would lose his house key, he used to scale the house like he was breaking in...I figured he was outside. Little did I know.

Four of the coolest kids in the neighborhood were raking my yard for me! Everyone who knows me knows that I detest yard work (and the lack of photographers from Better Homes and Gardens frequenting my yard is proof of that). The kids were so cute, "we just want to be good neighbors!"

After eleven-year-old Austin drove tough negotiations when I insisted that I offer them something, we came to an agreement. I created cool Halloween treat bags for them, and took a ton of photos of them in the leaves. Austin was a riot - he did his finest rock star poses, a spitting image of Gwen Stefani, and generally cracked me up while he was rake-boarding. (You definitely need to click on that link) One of my absolute favorites is above. The other fave will be on Through My Eyes in the morning.

I have such cool neighbors.

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