Thursday, September 15, 2005

Of countertops and apes

It's only when you have a laundry list of a thousand things to do that Dad calls.

"Shel, we're going to run by some stores today. Just gotta check on a few things."

These are bad words. They should be outlawed. Anyone who is related to Papa should be shot if they utter them. Normally, it means a whirlwind tour of lighting companies, furniture showrooms, or worse, car dealers. Today, it related to appliances. Just as I am getting ready to leave with the girls for Portland. And so we go.

Overheard during our road trip - quoted anonymously so as to not sell anyone out...

"Turn left here. Trust me. It's the fastest way. (Three lights later, all long, red lights) Still faster than the way all those other clowns would take."

"Watch out for that striped-ass ape."
"The what?"
"The striped-ass ape. Don't hit it with your car."
"Guess those aren't as common around here as one might expect."
"I know."

"That's has got to be the most hideous countertop color I have ever seen. Makes me never want to cook again. Makes me never want to enter a kitchen again."
"Looks a lot like the one we ordered for the kitchen."
"I'd rethink that if I was you."

And if everything is on schedule, two months and two days until the new kitchen is finished. As for today, Auntie Kris is on her way over to pick up Viper for a weekend of fun with Bailey, and she's getting a big brown box. What she's always wanted.

And with that...Stella, Vickie and I are ready to head south to Oregon! See you in a few days!

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Anonymous said...

Viper's new name is Priscilla Pee-Pee as she keeps peeing on the royal carpets of Sir Timothy of Monacco's palace. She obviously was not taught the proper pee etiquette when visiting royalty. Sir Timothy might put a permanent royal boot in her butt if she keeps it up!

The royal dog Bailey is green with envy that the little Priscilla Pee-Pee dog can just jump up on Lady Kristine's lap, or chair, or couch, or bed, any time she darn well chooses and poor Bailey must remain on the floor. He's not digging this too much! When he tries to play with Priscilla Pee-Pee, she bares her teeth and growls at him. This is pretty funny considering Bailey weighs three times as much as little Priscilla Pee-Pee!

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