Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just to remind Kris

Half the fun of surprises is taunting the people who don't know what's going on. And since she took today off, I'm using this opportunity to do so, again.

Kris' birthday is almost here. She has two gifts hiding in my house, and the clues so far have been:
They are in a box, that has contents in them
It is not blue
I will take them if she doesn't want them

If she was here at work, she would know that I brought both boxes to work today so she could have them early. (Or did I?) And not to let my fine literary and poetry skills go unnoticed, I composed a short poem for her yesterday, using only words that rhymed with our business: stocks.

A Poem By Shelley
There once was a box
Not full of rocks
Didn't smell like socks
Had no locks
Didn't contain clocks
Nor taste like lox
To survive the wait
You'll have to be sly like a fox

Or have some whiskey on the rocks

5 days to go, Miss Impatient!!


Kris said...

You are supposed to be my FRIEND. Maybe you should look up the definition of that word in the dictionary. I think TORTURE is not part of the definition!
Quit being mean to me! My birthday is in 4 short days!
For your sake, after all this teasing, I had better like these boxes with contents or retribution will exist come Christmas!

shelley said...

I'm going to get you another box. But I'll tell you what's in it. Some cheese, perhaps Gruyere or Cheddar, to go with your WHINE!

I know, and you don't! I know, and you don't!

Kris said...

Look up the definition of BRAT in the dictionary. You will find your picture!

Anonymous said...

The box may contain a fine image of a broach. ha ha ha

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