Sunday, August 14, 2005

Things that make me happy...

There are times in my life that I realize just how blessed I am. Throughout the last week and especially on the flight home today, God opened my eyes to all the ways He has blessed my's just a few...
  • Spending a week with the fam on the road
  • Middle of the night talks with the world's greatest brother
  • Finding pics and notes all over my house from Lady K and Sir Timmy
  • Seeing Viper and Holly after a week away from them
  • The coolest texts and emails from the Estrogen Militia and Fabulous Foursome while I was gone
  • Catching up with my cousins and their growing families
  • Betting on how many times Mom will remind us of something
  • Watching Grandpa and Pepper, his wonder dog, take care of one another
  • Finishing a great piece of work by Archbishop Dolan
  • Having peace in my so many ways
  • Celebrating 130 years of marriage between my grandparents (60), my aunt/uncle (35) and my parents (35) in a once in a lifetime weekend :)

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