Monday, August 1, 2005

A Night With Nickel Creek

A special thanks goes to Chrissy Pissy Lyons, who shared 4 tickets to the super fabulous Nickel Creek preview show tonight at the Triple Door... Vickie headed across the mountains to join Debbie, Kim, and me for dinner and the full crowd with Nickel Creek...celebrating next Tuesdays' release of their new CD, "Why Should the Fire Die?"

It was a concert unlike any I've been to - as entertaining as Kenny C., but the complete opposite in terms of experience... There were no tickets available for sale, you had to win them from The Mountain...and it was small and cozy. Yummy food, my first pear cider (those who were on the float trip will really appreciate that!) and they played their entire CD from track 1 to track 14. If you are green with envy, you're able to partake from your computer...just go to CMT!

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