Wednesday, August 31, 2005

All the random facts that you never wanted to know

I've received a bunch of emails with random facts about why should you be robbed of knowing mine? :) Here's my top five...
  • I absolutely can NOT stand water on the bathroom floor. It's one of my worst pet peeves. Imagine what it's like when Viper the terror gets a bath!
  • One of my favorite quotes that I apply in my life is from financial advisor guru Nick Murray: "Every NO leads you that much closer to a YES."
  • I am adopted. Not only that, I was originally adopted by a different family, sent back, and adopted by my parents. Talk about a match made in heaven. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for keeping me! :)
  • When Mikey's team played Bethel College in the D3 national football playoffs, I made 25 dozen cookies for the players. You did NOT find me making my signature lemon white chocolate chip cookies anytime soon after that.
  • My car has been spray painted twice in my life - once in high school, with rival high school "WILSON RULES" and once in college, with something not as nice by a jealous chick. And I drove it to Taco Bell and back to school before realizing it. :)

We're almost to September! (Which's almost my quarter birthday! Happy 28 1/4 to me...and happy unbirthday to you!)

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