Friday, July 8, 2005

Our girls weekend is almost here!

Thanks, Dad, for a day off! :)

It's been almost a year and a half since we took over Cannon much has happened since then. The gals above (Rachael, Candice, Vickie, Lindsay, Amy, Kili and Stella) are a riot...and now we get Marie and Liz to add to the mix!

We'll be up in the mountains past Leavenworth. The weather doesn't look great...but it will be time with the gals, time with Viper, and time without my BlackBerry! Isn't everyone happy about that last one?

Have a super fabulous weekend...and say a little prayer for sunshine for us!


Anonymous said...

Have fun, but I'd bet a good sum of money that you won't make it without your blackberry all weekend long. You've have major withdrawals!

shelley said...

Just for the record...I lasted 43 hours without my BlackBerry! New record! How much is that big sum of money?!?

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