Saturday, July 2, 2005

One year ago...

So many things happen in a year.

This morning, I found a surprise on my front porch...
and I thought it was from my paperboy, until I opened it.

You can't mistake the voice that is very favorite Michael G. Singing the song that brings back so many memories - you, me and Vickie on Girls Retreat at Anderson of the greatest weekends for "God moments" I've ever had. And a whole lot of snow!

It's been a year since our adventure began...just before we began on our fourth of July road trip weekend last year. Your friendship is invaluable to me - I can't imagine my life without it. Thank you for your super fabulous 'perfect for the moment' cards, filipino cooking lessons, countless "DJ magic" moments for Relay, laughs, late nights with Viper and Cloverleaf pizza, and how you always seem to know when I need a call from you.

As much as you say I've blessed your life, you've blessed mine, and beyond. Happy anniversary! :)

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