Thursday, July 28, 2005

Of peaches and suntans...

It's hard to believe we're nearing the end of July...

Two and a half months since the Relay, nearly two months since my 28th birthday (you know what that means, right? My 28 1/6 birthday is just around the corner!), and we've got just a month left of summer! That also means it's time for Peach-o-Rama...

And because I love the Estrogen Militia, I'm bringing the world's best peaches to our 'float the river' weekend in Central Washington! It's just before Jeni, Marie, and Amy leave for Italy and Germany to see Papa Ratzi in his home country at World Youth Day...and I'm celebrating one week of being single again! :)

And to celebrate today, July 28th, of which I know no discernable holiday, I'm offering the following list of random tidbits to enhance your wisdom of my world.
  • In the month of July, I've taken over 1200 digital photos
  • Viper's World has been loaded 2,000 times since July 1 by peeps who have bookmarked it... ;)
  • They come from some of the following places: Iceland, Yakima, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Brazil, Illinois, Tennessee, Oregon, Argentina, Canada, Missouri, Michigan, Australia, Minnesota, Singapore, New York, England, Iowa, Washington DC, Portugal, France, South Carolina, Virginia, Puerto Rico, Gig Harbor (gotta love my mom and dad) and the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas (wonder who that could be?!?)
  • The guys at Comcast are the best - they had my cable and internet up and running lickety-split after someone mysteriously shut it off...hmm...I wonder who that could be?
  • Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 is going down in my books as one of the coolest pieces of software ever - three DVDs created in a day and a half!
  • Today was the first time my dad styled his hair in a comb-over -- traumatic for me as a daughter
  • iPy the iPod already has 600 songs downloaded to him!
  • In ten days, I will leave on a whirlwind week of Bellingham, Canada, Illinois, Iowa and back home...with a stop in the Amish country
  • I'm a featured speaker at a training for the Canadian Cancer Society during my adventure
  • I took my favorite-est self-portrait ever at 6 a.m. yesterday
  • True joy is being picked up by Lindsay (really, when WOULDN'T that provide joy?!?) and going to Dairy Queen. Seeing a really long line. Deciding to go to Coldstone. Seeing a really really long line. Deciding to go to Baskin Robbins to choose from one of their 31 flavors. Having no one else there! Driving back to Coldstone, and the people who were waiting by the door in line ARE STILL WAITING BY THE DOOR!! Suckas! We got our ice cream first!
  • Just 20 hours until I leave over the mountains to spend the weekend with the Estrogen Militia! Sunshine, rafts, and peaches, here I come!

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