Thursday, June 16, 2005

Update from Calcutta...

Mike and the students from WWU left Seattle on Sunday morning, flew through San Francisco, Korea, spent two nights in Singapore, and finally reached Calcutta late Wednesday night. (They do lose a day in travelling over the date line, but it was still a long time travelling!)

As the students (Annie, Val, Chris, Sara C. and Sara D., andMaria) spend their time with the Missionaries of Charity -Mother Teresa's order - several of them will be blogging their experiences on Michael G's website. It's worth bookmarking and reading through periodically.

Below are excerpts from an e-mail he sent home...

Here is the skinny.

I woke early after arriving late Wednesday night and went to Mass with the Sisters. It was wonderful to see how intensely Catholic they are and how they allow Mass/Adoration/prayer that they are driven to serve. What a joy they have, never seen anything like it.

This place is POOR. There are people everywhere on the sides of the streets that look like they are dying. Going to take some adjusting to.

It is around 100 degrees today and 99% humidity. I am reserved to the fact that I will be sweating non-stop while I am here. Oh yea, interesting toilets too.

I have to run, I am running out of time. Keep praying for us.

God bless, Mike

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