Monday, June 13, 2005

28 Things I Am Grateful For

In honor of my birthday month (yes, it's possible that it will take up a whole month!), here you will find a list of 28 things I am grateful for. And because sometimes I forget things, I'm allowed to go back and add a few later! :)

Without further ado...
1. JPII and his Theology of the Body
2. Friends who show their love for me by being upfront and direct
3. Sunny afternoons on the Puget Sound
4. The Fabulous Foursome - was there life before these gals?
5. Michael G and Mama G - can't imagine life without you
6. My super fabulous Mauss cousins - especially Brandon, Ben and Zach
7. Vickie Sue - who is #1 in my book
8. The Girls Club that trumps all others - only a few weeks to our retreat! :)
9. The best advice in the world, delivered by none other than Mr. Dave "I'm Not Wordy" Rosholm
10. Pahsisu and the way she brightens my day
11. Kristine Babbitt, AKA Babsters TFN, who impacts my family every day in a good way
12. Mikey - off in India
13. Toscano bread flush with garlic with Miss Dani Collins, the Queen Conniver
14. The World's Best Relay For Life Leadership Team
15. Team Merrill Lynch - 2005 Top Corporate Team
16. Fr. Mulholland, who thinks I owe him a monstrance
17. Friends in Key places...who is the best 'older brother' in the world. Your leadership, example, and support have made the difference in this year for me.
18. My papa bear - Only God knows how you put up with me every day. I'm thinking your time in purgatory will be comparably short.
19. Nordstrom sales - counting down to the anniversary sale! July 15th!
20. Jackie Mattoni and Barbara Patterson...who laid the groundwork for RFL - I am humbled by you. :) Thanks for your support when I followed in your footsteps.
21. Sharon's forgiveness of my craziness
22. Two years of amazing experiences chairing the Relay For Life
23. Karl Berger and his crazy antics
24. Tiptronic transmissions
25. Forgiveness
26. My mom - every day, you remind me of how brilliant God was when He placed me with you. You are the yin to my yang.
27. The St. Andrew's crew - you guys are the best. Can't wait to have time again next year!!
28. A special someone who is intense, thoughtful, caring, and brilliant...(hey wait, am I describing myself? :) ) Actually, I'm not...and that is good. We'll just leave it at that for now...

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I bet I know #28...but I digress..... Miss Shelley - As grateful as you may be for us, we are just as grateful for the positive impact you have in our individual lives. You make the world a brighter place with your ever abundant smile and Flinstone giggle! You are one of God's gifts to this imperfect world! I will always be grateful that His infinite wisdom made our paths cross. My life is all the better for having you in it!

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