Saturday, April 30, 2005

Reflections on this week...

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What a week this has been!

We started the week with our long weekend in Arizona...full of incredible sunshine and heat...there's really nothing that beats time off by the pool! :) We did a great road trip up to Sedona, went to St. Tim's and Christ the King in Mesa, and XLT at St. Tim's on Tuesday. Marie would have been jealous - we were "THIS CLOSE" from Matt Maher! What's really cool...through the link above, you can listen to the streaming audio and revisit the XLT we were at...all over again!

Coming home Wednesday morning, I prepared for our last Planning Team meeting before Relay. We had a much needed EBM at Cafe Divino afterwards... On Thursday, we held our first (and last) Youth 101 before Relay. We have some pretty amazing youth teams at this year's Relay, and I'm so excited to see how they'll do!

On Friday night, Mike and I went out to the Bellarmine Natural Helpers retreat, where he did a great talk on JPII's Theology of the Body, and had a fantastic Q&A session afterwards. The kids soaked a lot of it in. Mike headed back up to Bellingham afterwards, and I stayed for the rest of the retreat until early Saturday afternoon. Saturday afternoon and evening were spent as the MC with the super fabulous WYD pilgrims from St. Andrew's - where they held their Italian Dinner/Auction extravaganza...

Things calm down a bit during next week, and I can't wait!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me, for the Relay For Life, and for my special intentions. You are the best...and you are loved!!

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Anonymous said...

If I am still one of your "special intentions" I am honored and can use all the prayer I can get!
Love you right back sister!

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