Sunday, March 13, 2005

Lenten Reflections...

"The heart is rich when it is content,
and it is content when its desires are set upon God."
-St. Miguel of Ecuador

Over the past year, my main prayer has been for peace in my heart. It seems overly simple - but for me, being able to "let go and let God" was something that was often out of my reach. I felt that I always needed to be in control in order for my life to be fulfilled. The ways of the world advise you to go after what you want, that it's in your power to achieve anything and everything, and that happiness comes from accomplishment and recognition.

This couldn't be further from the real truth.

True peace is achieved through the release of my own desires and wants, and opening my heart to the Lord's will for my life. And contrary to my earlier belief, that does mean not telling Him what I should be doing and expecting Him to comply. :)

It took several significant experiences - a letter from Father Mike, dinner with Vickie, and a chance meeting on Thelma Circle with Lindsey - to be able to fully understand how peace is achieved through humility and submission. In each of these instances - a healing was found after acknowledgement of my own shortcomings and weaknesses. In years past, I often placed blame on others without recognizing my own involvement in conflict. I now see how the Lord has worked on my heart to be able to openly and honestly see my imperfectness as part of who I am, and to be at peace with that.

God has blessed me with amazing people in my life who have taught me so much - and their strengths often balance my weaknesses and challenge me to grow in areas that I need to grow. With each new experience, I find my heart being challenged to draw closer to His will for me, and not my own divine will for myself. :)

As for peace in my heart, it's been found not only there, but now in beautiful "peace roses" that are planted in my flower gardens. Thank you, St. Therese, for your intercession!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there... I thought I would push my luck while you were in humility mode and suggest another person you might feel good about making peace with...if you don't me...:-)

Praying for your grandma too.

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