Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Things that make me happy...

Things that make me happy... Posted by Hello
  • Viper and Holly Mauss, the world's funnest animals
  • Andy Mauss, the world's third funnest animal
  • Calling your pets by their first and last name
  • Attack giraffes at a Relay For Life meeting
  • Raising $1600 selling cookies for our team
  • My mom's laugh
  • My dad's face after you ask him for money or the day off
  • The beep of my brother's car horn - like a bike horn!
  • Friends who love me and go on Sephora road trips
  • Pope John Paul II
  • The Flylady
  • Peace in my life...even with roses!
  • Amazing friends who are serving in India
  • Being able to tape two shows at the SAME TIME with Comcast's DVR
  • The crazy Arrested Development
  • Getting my taxes done in January
  • Taking my 6th sick day off - EVER!

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